Marsden Hotels Burwood launch party

Posted: March 3, 2020

The Marsden Hotels Burwood launch event not only premiered their exciting new hotel location but also made the night sparkle, with all guests wide-eyed in anticipation of what would be around the next corner.

Marsden Hotels are known for offering contemporary and flexible accommodation with impressively luxurious living amenities. Each room is carefully considered to complement the elegant fixtures and fittings, whilst also creating an ideal balance of leisure and sophistication.

The event was a feast for the senses with the décor dripping in glitter, black and gold, the diverse entertainers spread throughout the venue, and the food and drinks free flowing. The purpose of this particular event was to showcase the new venue.

Guests started the evening in the hotel lobbies with food and drink stations and roaming entertainers. The night continued in the hotel’s rooftop bar for the live stage entertainment. Guests enjoyed a DJ, burlesque performers and a live saxophone performance, more food and drink, and lots of dancing to end the evening on the outdoor deck of the hotel.

Marsden Hotels took every opportunity to highlight the awe and decadence of the new location, and provided event guests a glimpse of what the exciting and new hotel can provide to Burwood. It was a memorable night offering guests a feast for the senses that they will talk about for weeks!

A big thankyou to Marsden Hotels and Wasamedia for an amazing night.

Marsden Hotels

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