Ampersand crew launch new passionfruit flavour

Posted: March 26, 2021

Bondi beach Public bar was the host of Ampersand projects passionfruit flavour launch party.

Sitting at 6% alcohol volume per 355ml can, the Vodka Soda & Passionfruit packs a punch. Dangerously delicious Vodka Soda & Passionfruit is the perfect flavour for any occasion, with no sugar which is an Australian first, it had a subtle passionfruit flavour with no nasty after-tastes. (Reminded me of Passiona).

Purple and yellow everywhere, the Public bar was decked-out to match downtown LA vibes. With free-flowing drinks, food, sneaker installation and hip-hop/R&B blaring, Vodka Soda & knows how to put on a good party.

Big thank-you to @vodkasodaand @tropicool_life

Images by Ned Simes in association with Life Without Andy.

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