Welcome to my personal photo-journal, my name is Stephanie Steer, born and raised in country Queensland. A lover of fashion, surfing and travel. I would describe myself as a model | techie | activist—a bit of a hybrid.

Working as a website manager professionally, I thought it was imperative I use my Tech skills to have my own online space. This site will document all the places I go, people I see and events I attend. A place for me to dump my thoughts and store all the images that don't make it to Instagram. I also promise to always be honest about any brand's, event's, products or really anything.


As a freelance model, I have worked with companies such as Seafolly, Westfield, Petal & Pup, Michael Hill Jeweller, Blackmilk, Soda Shades, EvoFabuloso, GHD, Nak, Lounge intimates, Harley Davidson, Tangalooma Island Resort along with countless of other swimwear and fashion businesses around Australia.

I started modelling at 16 and moved to London at 19 to pursue it. I have been approached by many agencies, to sign with one catch 'just loose a few inches of your bust and hip area and we will continue'. Not the best thing to hear as an impressionable teen but thankfully, I like my body the way it is and embrace what the fashion industry describes 'too curvy'—crazy considering I'm a size small.

This has not stopped my success in the fashion industry and I encourage everyone interested in modelling to keep persevering, the industry is changing and we need to see diversity at the forefront!

Recently, I have moved to Sydney to pursue bigger and better things in the fashion realm and look forward to keeping you updated on what comes next.

Woman in STEM

Starting my career as a Website Manager for some of Australia’s largest online stores, I have been able to balance my Tech career and modelling aspirations by being an early adopter of working remotely. This enabled me to move from Brisbane to London at the age of 19.

I then transitioned into the Public Sector after moving back to Australia, working as a Web Content Officer for the QLD Department of Education. After 18 months, I was offered a Senior Web Content Management position with the NSW Department of Education.

After accepting this role, I won a staff achievement award within my first year for coding JavaScript portal popups during the peak of the covid19 pandemic, providing vital information to over 1 million students. As the only woman in my team—in a male dominated industry. I'm passionate about increasing the participation of women and girls in STEM. I champion this as an integral member of the ITD Women in Tech committee, working as a representative and facilitator for creating positive change for women working in the Tech industry.


I'm a fierce advocate for gender and racial equality and preventing violence against women. You will see me at women's rights rallies and delivering talks on violence prevention.
With an innate desire to lift-up other women, I want to lend my voice to help build an Australia where women and girls have the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

I'm currently an Ambassador for the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation and was recently named a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner. However, I have worked with ToyBox Australia and Forget Me Not Charity ball to raise funds for sick children and Dementia Australia.

Stephanie Steer

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