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Posted: May 6, 2019


Ok, this trip was the most intense thing (schedule wise) I’ve done in a while. So Friday, @iamlachiestorie and I had a meeting with a modelling agency at 9.30am on the Gold Coast, straight after it finished we rushed to the airport and caught our flight to Sydney. I swear there were 4 babies surrounding us on this flight – kill me already. We land in Sydney and go straight to our hotel. We stayed with @ovolohotels in Darling Harbour, it was super cute! Definitely recommend. But anyway, we get to the hotel, I have a makeup artist waiting, I get full glam and Lachie goes and finds food (my hero). An hour and a half later, I’m done and we get dressed and jump into an Uber and head to Carriage works.

Finally, we can relax, we take some picks and stroll around Carriageworks before settling into the Mercedes Benz VIP lounge. Now, this is where my will-power starts to plummet. Unlimited Moet and canapés, soooo yum.

After an hour or so we have to go into the @_aje_ show, where we were lucky enough to get front row seats and made friends with another Gold Coast couple sitting next to us. The show was amazing, so feminine and fresh but also minimal at the same time. Again, I wanted to buy everything! Now as we were attending the Weekend addition of MBFWA we got to celebrate the launch night with @Swarovski.

The @Swarovski party was amazing, not only celebrating the launch of the Weekend Edition Fashion Festival, but also Swarovski’s newest collection: Into the magic light.
Again, there was unlimited canapé’s and signature cocktails, we also got to party with the likes of Jade Tunchy, Sam Frost, Sammy Robinson and Flight facilities just to name a few. This party was definitely the highlight of the weekend for me! I had the best time.

Day 1 done and dusted.


After sleeping in, we got up to enjoy an awesome brekky spread put on by Ovolo and had some time to burn as our next runway shows weren’t until late afternoon. I hadn’t been back to Sydney in over 8-years so I was keen to explore the city. Lachie and I walked from Darling Harbour, through the city to Opera bar, before walking across to the Harbour Bridge to meet friends for Lunch.

We rushed back to the hotel and got changed for our second and third shows, I got to wear a stunning tasselled @carlazampati piece for day 2. After arriving at Carriageworks again, the street style photos began, our show was also running late so photographers were stealing us away to take more shots, always so humbling to be asked and definitely made waiting less boring.

Now these Resort ’20 shows…. After the Aje show we had very high expectations as the resort runways showcase a large mix of different designers. First thing I noticed and was kind of off putting was how extremely thin and young the models looked. Although I give props for the ethnic diversity, there was no ‘curve’ models in sight or even just a healthy looking model, not one.

Another thing that bothered me was that the models seemed to be underage (younger than 18-years old) but were wearing see-through garments. I’m all for celebrating the female form and it being shown in all her glory but I do not want to see naked underage girls–no thanks. I felt uncomfortable looking and so did Lachie and the people sitting around us, it was a bit cringe-worthy. Lastly, I think we counted 3 models trip and completed fall onto their hands and knees and several other models stumble, due to the uneven ground at Carriageworks, the ill-fitting stilettos and the floor-length gowns the models were not able to touch.

Hopefully next year MBFWA will address these issues as it was not only rough to watch but it also distracted from the designer’s garments.

As far as my internet searching went no-one else documented these events which is a little disappointing, I think we need to protect the wellbeing of all models. #rantover

Apart from those hiccups I did enjoy the show, but there was definitely room for improvement.


After 3 shows, catching up with friends and an epic launch party we were exhausted. This was our last day in Sydney before flying home, we decided to skip the Sunday shows and head to Bondi for some R&R. I won’t drag on with detail but Icebergs WOW, markets WOW and local food POWWOW.

Overall, I think we will definitely attend next year!

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