Corona ligera ‘Cinco De Mayo’

Posted: August 4, 2018

The Corona Ligera event was held at Southbeach Social. Upon arrival we were handed the brand's new Ligera mid-strength beer with lime in it of course.

I'm not really a beer girl, but with some lime this new beer tasted lighter than the regular Corona's I have had in the past. I would say a slightly dryer finish but pretty damn refreshing. I swear it was 32° with 100% humidity so I actually really enjoyed it.

This 3.2% beer is the brand's first product in the 'mid-strength category', which apparently mid-strength beer is almost 25% of the market and continues to grow it's market share each year.

Now back to the event, @lachiestorie and I have our beers I turn around and unbeknownst to me I see two of my mates. My homegirl and Vivien's model @amberr_b and wink model @lindsay.kotmel. Chit chatting, taking pictures and making new friends. I loved the Mexican vibe of this event— very true to the brand. Friends, beer, good music, great view of the city but where is the food at?

After drinking for over an hour the food arrives, between around 35 people we were given 3 sliders, some fries, maybe 3 mini tacos and a tiny bit of antipasto. Although the food was delicious I do feel Southbeach Social let the ball drop on this one. The event was amazing but that was my only concern, I almost had to fight a chick for a little slider (mildly kidding—the truth will set you free?).

We then took about 10 people and kicked onto the Little Big House where the party continued.

Thanks again to Corona and Fuel Communications for having us!

Make sure you check out the new Corona Ligera if you haven't already.

All image credit goes to Life Without Andy.

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