CCC networking event held at el' rosa

Posted: November 3, 2018

Hosted by @arliaaah and @arxannadxxon, held at el' rosa by ARC + FAMILY, this was the most femme and fun networking event I've ever been to. These 2 sunny coast girls definitely know what they are doing. I had 2 events this day so I visited my queens @twidalehairandmakeup to hook me up with some glam and I was on my way. You know they are good artists when it's 33° and your makeup doesn't move but I will write a full homage to @twidalehairandmakeup soon.

Arriving to el' Rosa we were greeted by the girls and welcomed into a chic outdoor garden area drowned with millennial pink (my favourite colour). Surrounded by models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and all other arrays of creatives, I was in my heaven.

A rack of clothing, loads of photographers all facilitated by CCC, there was so much opportunity to create amazing content and boy, oh boy everyone definitely took advantage.

After shooting a bit myself, I met some amazingly creative girls @gracelilyfilms a super groovy videographer and @justcallmejayne_ a sunny coast based photographer. I had to leave early due to another event but it was definitely worth it.

Congratulations to @cccnetworkingevents for an amazing meet up.

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