Welcome to my personal photo-journal, my name is Stephanie Steer, born and raised in Queensland, Australia. A lover of fashion, surfing and travel. I would describe myself as a model | influencer | actor—a bit of a hybrid.

This site will document all the places I go, people I see and events I attend. A place for me to dump my thoughts and store all the pictures that don't make it to Instagram. I also promise to always be brutally honest about any brand's, event's, products or really anything.


As a freelance model, I have worked with companies such as Seafolly, Westfield, Petal & Pup, Michael Hill Jeweller, Blackmilk, Vodrich, EvoFabuloso, GHD, Nak, Lounge intimates, Harley Davidson, Tangalooma Island Resort along with countless of other swimwear and fashion businesses around Australia. Not to sound conceited but that isn't too bad for a little unknown freelancer.

I started modelling at 16 and moved to London at 19 to pursue it. I have been approached by many agencies, to sign with one catch 'just loose a few inches of your bust and hip area and we will continue'. Not the best thing to hear as an impressionable teen but thankfully I like looking womanly and embrace what the fashion industry describes 'curves'.

This has not stopped my success in the fashion industry and I encourage everyone interested in modelling to keep persevering, the industry is changing and we need to see diversity at the forefront!

Recently, I have moved to Sydney to pursue bigger and better things in the fashion realm and look forward to keeping you updated on what comes next.


I started influencing unknowingly in my competitive cheerleading days, when I was announced the face of a cheerleading apparel brand. Promoting this brand online and building my following as I teenager has led me to become a fashion and beauty influencer today.

My repeat clients include City Beach, Princess Polly, Nak hair, lulu the label and Cleonie Swim.

I always take the time to ensure the brands I collaborate with align with my personal values and aesthetic. I love surfing so anything beachy, summery and swimwear is a must for me, another love is supporting local businesses and Australian made brands. I love collaborating with female owned businesses such as Marlo by Marlo and Twidale hair and makeup, it makes sense and the message comes across as authentic.

Lastly, I also do event influencing. I'm a lover of cocktails and great food. I have a blog section here on my website to cover all the fun events I attended and permanent Instagram highlights to showcase all the amazing cocktails and dishes restaurants have to offer. This seems to be a real selling point for hospitality businesses as I have a space for them to gain online traffic from and help their google ranking as I'm back linking their websites, but I also post on the social media side as well, giving a double hit of exposure to their businesses.


Whether it be a natural or unnatural progression from modelling, I have seen myself over the past couple of years book more and more acting work. It started with some extra work a few music videos and this has grown into finding myself booking international television commercials and indie films.

With the demand going up for more acting roles whether it just TVCs or small roles, I have undertaken formal acting training to ensure my skillset is ready for commercial film sets. I have studied both screen and stage acting techniques with the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Now I have relocated Sydney, I will be continuing my studies to better my acting skillset for future opportunities.

Stephanie Steer

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